Monday, April 28, 2014

Mr. Cutter's Word of the Day©.

Bonjour ~Mr. Cutter~

Today's word of the day is:

CATCH UP (not Ketchup or catsup):  When the world has gone so fast that you have to CATCH UP the rest of the world on how fast it has been.

  1. OPOSSUM:  The critter has been cruising through our back yard every single night!  We can smell it.  A week ago when it was pouring down rain Pepper and I found the Opossum intruder in the upper garden.  Mom knew from the barking and how hard it was raining something was going on, so she slogged out with a flashlight and counted.  One.  Two.  Three.  Beady pair of eyes.  One too many for the barking going on.  Reluctantly we came back inside after much yelling.  Rubbed out wet bodies all over the carpet and couches and rubbed muddy paws on the bed.  Ruin our fun in the name of "safety"!
  2. The Parents are back and cannot believe the progress I have made since I was rescued.  Mom's Dad was so happy that I actually got on his lap and was friendly.  No food involved either!  It's been a long 4 year journey for me to become the annoying Mr. Cutter I charm the world with.
  3. YARDWORK:  This appears to be what Mom calls popping up out of bushes and flowers to yell at us when we are investigating sniffs from above Opossum point number 1 above.
  4. VITAMIN Dog:  That inviting smell of warm sunshiny dog fresh from rolling in a mysterious smell from nature.  (Probably dried up worms or slugs - odor-licious bonus).
  5. CITRUS FACE:  What happened to me after I snuck off with half a squeezed lime that slipped out of Mom's hands onto the floor.
For the record.
This is a picture of Mom's face after I snagged the lime and ran.
That's a lot of words for me, so I need to go BARK at something now!

Adieu ~Mr. Cutter~


  1. Wurds fur the week or sumfin. Good job on all of those.

  2. I won't touch dat citrus stuff, but Finley eats up tangerines like dey are a steak or somefin.

  3. YAY fur yur Gwampawents bein' back fwum twabellin' all ober da pwace!! Dem any gud at sneakin' snacks tu pupses???