Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mr. Cutter's Word of the Day©.

Bonjour ~Mr. Cutter~

Today's word of the day is:

PAWFERCT!!:  Pups the weather was a bit overcast this morning, but we all headed out to Snoopervise™ the yardwork.

Yard Work Boots.

Do you see flowers?  Or a Sneaky Cloud Dragon?

This is the top of the "Morning Wood Tree™"
Sure you think it's so pretty....

Poor Helena the Toad .
Magnolia flowers dumped and swept onto her for weeks now.
Let it be known, I never pee on Helena.
Even though she is right next to Morning Wood Tree™

This Magnolia will stain a deck faster than a rain cloud passes through Seattle.
*Addendum* we mean overnight.

This mess.
We bring as much of it in as we can!.
Are you looking for your PNW Rhodie update?  We'll keep you pupdated as we roll into July with the colors that ka-pow in our yard.  We have over 17 different Rhodies or Azaleas to watch flower.

This is off the deck and one of the first to bloom.

This one is across the yard.
If you are tall enough can see from the kitchen window.

Or just go outside and take a gander.
It's about 15 feet high and only just starting to turn bright pink.
Did you pups know we have Chiggens?

These are called Hen and Chiggens.
I know.
Can't even reach that high to pee on them.  

They are guarded by the Mighty Tree Frog.

They can colonize as well.

Don't mess with this Frog.
Did you know we can actually get Scooter to come outside for some fresh air on occasion?  It's true, we have some documented proof.

This grass is as fluffy as I am.

Nothing going over there.

I could be watching Scooby Doo.

Still nothing going on over there.

I''m taking my leaf and going back inside.
'cept I'm headed the wrong way to go inside.
  Did you know I'm almost always in trouble?  I'll be the first to tell you it's not MR. CUTTER she's yelling out the door all the time!!

Can't even walk in the weed patch anymore.
Stupid Peonies are sprouting up.

Walk of Shame 2014.
Can't even bark at the kids barking at me.

Can't pee here.

Fine, I'll "Move Along".

Can't a pup get a moment alone with his "Waste Management" Privacy Please™ time?
The Meatz™ is smelling good and we'll keep you updated on tomorrow.  The yard has to get mowed and stuff.  Green paws for all the Papillon Pack!

Adieu ~Mr. Cutter~


  1. It looks like it were a beautiful day! Luvs your flowers!

  2. Yur yard is super duper! Thanks fur sharin!

  3. So many rhodies!! You is lucky. Our azaleas has already bloomed and will be done soon! We must see more pics of yours!! I's nominated you fur a Yoo Hoo, You Hoo Award... if ya goes to my blog ya will find out whut it's about!

  4. How da h**l I miss dis??? Bwogger r nod duin' a bery gud job ob notibyin' me when my fwiends pupdate dere bwogs!

    Yur yard waste bin r a gwate idea. We hafta buy speshul paper bags fur our yard waste. It can ged WEAL stinky sumtimes. Yup, eben stinkier dan me on a gud day. BOL :D