Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mr. Cutter's Haiku For You.

Bonjour ~Mr. Cutter~

Mom took us out on a WALK tonight after work.  It was still in the mid 60's here and the sunshine was out.  Not normal at all for this time of the year in the Pacific Northwest.  We're still trying to get into the groove of only 3 in the PapillonPack™ since my pal Pepper crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last month.  The leash juggling and the fact that I'm not just being tugged along by Pepper has me confused.  So I just kind of bump along next to either Misty or Scooter.  Queen Misty is even more testy with me than she is with her brother if you bump into her too often.  She's also a GIRL and just wants to WALK, WALK, WALK.  We BOYS want to stop and SNIFF, SNIFF, SNIFF.

Which leads us up to the Haiku.

I meant to do it
I Peed on Queen Misty's head
While out on a WALK

Believe me pups, I wish I had proof in pictures too.

Adieu ~Mr. Cutter~


  1. Heh,heh,heh, serves Misty rite fur being such a grump on yur walk.

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  3. BOL, you're makin me glad I don't has brothers.

  4. BOL! Gud one, Mistur Cudder!! Dat weminds me. I hab nod witten a hi-koo fing in yeerz an' yeerz! I shood ged on dat.

    It r tuff tu ged intu da gwoobe ob nu stuffs. Take yur time. It'll ged bedder. I pwomise <3